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AA Collaborative Press Release

Benchmark Report discussed on WMUR TV

On WMUR's 'New Hampshire's Business" Fred Kocher interviews Cameron Wake on the findings of the Collaborative's Benchmark Report. You can watch the 5 minute segment online. Read More

Benchmark Report discussed on The Exchange

Laura Knoy interviews guests Cameron Wake (NH Energy and Climate Collaborative), Paul Morin (Greater Manchester Home Builders Association), and Dick Henry (Jordan Institute) on 6 July 2012 on 'The Exchange' on NH Public Radio. You can listen to the show online. Read More

2012 Benchmark Report

New Hampshire’s Energy, Environmental, and Economic Development Benchmark Report provides a foundation upon which to track and grade future progress relative to strategies recommended in New Hampshire's Climate Action Plan. This report evaluates baseline conditions over the period 2005-2009 and recent trends. The report shows that “real progress” has been made in the state (e.g., reduction in energy use and emissions of heat-trapping gases) and identifies remaining challenges (e.g. rising energy expenditures and continued dependence on energy sources from outside of the state). Read More

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Building Developers Reconsider After Sandy

Following the devastation in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, developers in NYC have begun to change design plans and make additional improvements, with the aim of avoiding future catastrophes. Owners of existing buildings are also starting expensive retrofits, as well as looking into building evacuation plans. The NYS 2100 commission panel is proposing changes to protect the area, like storm surge barriers and "green infrastructure." Will coastal areas in NH follow suit? Read More

The New Normal?

After drastic weather events like Irene and Sandy, we have the tendency to restore the infrastructure that was destroyed. Does it make sense to use millions of dollars to return to normal, rather than restructuring to decrease vulnerability? Read More

Nashua Planning to Expand Recycling Program

A new committee, composed of the Nashua Board of Public Works, three alderman, and three citizens,has been established by city alderman to investigate the possibility of placing recycling stations at all apartment and condominium complexes in the city. Read More

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Obama Continues Not to Act on Climate Change

Clearly under the pressure of multiple crises simultaneously, Obama once more takes a lenient approach towards climate change. He may be the last president with the opportunity to make a long-term difference in regards to our climate future, and he appears to be dropping the ball. Read More

Unitarian Universalist Church of Portsmouth, NH Divests

Last week the Board of Trustees at South Church in Portsmouth decided to remove its holdings from fossil fuel companies over the next five years. With this action they join a growing network of universities, colleges, and churches that seek to have the same effect with divestment as during apartheid. Read More

Senate Backs Keystone XL Pipeline Construction

This past Friday, the Senate voted in favor of constructing the pipeline, which would transport crude oil from Alberta. The vote is not binding, but is symbolic of support for the pipeline, despite its probably impact on climate change. Read More

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Ecosystem Services

Exeter Agrees to Pollution Reductions for Great Bay

Exeter has become the second community to accept the EPA permit requiring reductions in nitrogen pollution. This problem, resulting from sewage treatment plants, is negatively impacting the health of the Great Bay estuary, and yet Dover and Rochester have chosen not to accept the permit. Read More

New England Takes the Lead in Ocean Planning

The Conservation Law Foundation has joined with groups across New England to help build a sustainable future for it's ocean as well as the communities that rely on them. Called the New England Ocean Network, this group develop a plan that fosters sustainable development of both ocean resources and local regional economies and educates ocean users, while minimizing the impacts of human-induced climate change and ocean acidification. Read More

NHDES Accepting Proposals for 2013 Watershed Assistance Grants

These grants will support initiatives to restore and protect water quality. Municipalities, non-profit organizations, state agencies, regional planning commission, and county conservation districts are eligible. Funds can be used to develop and implement approved watershed plans that address specific water pollution problems, and solutions can include a wide range of activities. The deadline for submissions is November 21st. Read More

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Journalism and Science: Can We Bridge the Gap?

This interview with scientist and astronaut Chis Hadfield explores the difference between scientific literature and journalism. It highlights the importance of being able to communicate scientific ideas in a way that is accessible to the public, which is particularly relevant in regards to pubic perception of climate science. Read More

Patagonia's Sustainable Business Plan

Capitalism often seems at odds with sustainability due to its reliance on consumerism. Patagonia is challenging this foundation with its new campaign that attempts to change the measurement of success through goods and services. The company is beginning a deeper discussion about prosperity and satisfying human needs that hopefully will spark a movement among similar companies. Read More

NH Volunteers Collaborate in Stewardship Network

Malin Clyde of the UNHCE hopes to create a volunteer network of stewards, which would allow all groups to accomplish more by sharing resources, as well as recruiting and training efforts. The network would have the goal of improving ecological health, connecting NH residents to the natural environment, and keeping volunteers engaged in conservation work. Read More

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Energy Efficiency

Campaign Shows NH Residents New Electricity Choices

A media campaign launched Tuesday informed NH residents that they now have the power to choose who supplies and generates their electricity. With the option to choose, residents can save money and the environment. Read More

States Will Take the Lead in Changing Energy Policies

According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, states will have to be the entities to make a change in energy policies. A carbon tax has been under discussion, but action does not appear to be in the near future for the federal government. Decentralization is the key, as state priorities will differ by region, and innovation will come from the bottom up. Read More

Study on Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks

A recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina found that, on average, default risks are 32% lower in energy efficient homes than in standard homes. The findings are consistent across several models. The study also found that, within energy efficient homes, a borrower in an Energy Star-rated residence is even less likely to default. The results of this study may have an impact on the underwriting of mortgages. Read More

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Land Use & Transportation

Northern Pass Deadline Rapidly Approaching

As of August 2012, Northeast Utilities projected a filing with federal regulators by the end of the year, and yet they have not yet announced a new path for the Northern Pass. Recent weeks have been a back-and-forth between land purchases by Northeast Utilities and the Society for Protection of NH Forests. A premature route announcement is risky for Northern Pass developers, and yet holding off may push the 2016 completion date back to 2017. Read More

The Society for the Protection of NH Forests Finds Success in "Trees Not Towers" Campaign

Last week SPNHF closed on its first conservation easement blocking the intended route of the Northern Pass. 530 acres owned by Green Acre Woodlands was conserved. The campaign does not stop there; the Society has similar plans for other parcels of land in Coos county. Read More

187 Acres Saved in Henniker Conservation Project

As a result of this project, the Colby Little Brook Forest and the Watman Conservation are both now under easement. This will preserve 187 acres total, while maintaining wildlife and recreation space for future generations. Read More

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Bill Wins Backing From Both Parties

A new bill introduced last week would allow renewable and clean energy companies the same treatment as oil and gas projects: access to private capital at lower costs. This bill would change the current tax code, which currently inhibits the ability of the U.S. to develop all types of energy and to be energy independent. It has received backing from both parties. Read More

Wind Moratorium Bill Defeated in NH

The NH Senate has rejected the wind moratorium bill SB 99, demonstrating that it recognizes the importance of environmentally-responsible wind energy development, and showing that it will not disadvantage any single clean energy technology. This step will also enable NH to meet its Renewable Portfolio Standard, which requires that 24.8% of NH's energy portfolio be met by renewable energy by 2025. Read More

Fossil Fuels: Can We Do Without Them?

In the United States, more than any other nation, we have been convinced that reliance on fossil fuels is inevitable. To the contrary, research is increasingly showing that the U.S. could easily transition a substantial portion of its power needs to renewable energy. Read More

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